About to do some major damage at my favorite discount nail polish store. I’ll take pictures when I’m home.

Also, ugh I’m going to make a new blog once I get home and delete this one since it’s hacked. I’ve changed my password a few times and it’s still hacked.

A woman told me today a work that I have ‘Gwyneth Paltrow eyes’. Cool.

Training for Lush starts Wednesday! I’m nervous, but also really excited

Ugh I’ve changed my password 3 times and I’m still getting those spam posts posted on my blog. I might remake if one more gets posted. Fuck.

I finally saw Brave tonight!!!! It was so good and cute and I really loved their accents (I wish I had an accent :() I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not, but the part when the mom turns into a bear cracked me up with her facial expressions and how she’d try to talk, but it was all growls. Awwww gosh it was so cute. Go see it if you haven’t! x

likelittleflowers-deactivated20: D, H, R, X! <3

D. Favorite food? Pizza probably.

H. Favorite book? White Oleander.

R. Last movie I watched? The Dark Knight Rises.

X. Celebrity crush? Joseph Gordon- Levitt